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Quest Interactive Solutions®     and    Quest Burn SystemTM 


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Quest Interactive Solutions®
(including the Quest Burn SystemTM)

Our interactive Quest listening and burn units offer the ultimate ability to sample and sell a wider variety of catalog music without additional inventory.

Over 53% of QBS sales are beyond the top 300 best sellers!

Whether you're selling accompaniment tracks or an artist's full album, Quest provides your store with the ultimate on-demand inventory option. Even better, customers can view and sample other departments such as books, Bibles, software and framed art from the same Quest kiosk unit.

It is easy to use with ANY point of sale system.

Professional, full color, waterproof and smudge-proof finish on CD.

Over 1 million on-demand CDs have been burned at retail in the last 36 months!

Scanned images of finished products made on a
ready-to-ship, commercial-grade Quest unit

Steven Curtis Chapman's "The Moment"


Jewel Front

Jewel Back and Sides

dcTalk's "Greatest Hits"


Jewel Front

Jewel Back and Sides

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 Quest POP Kit with RMS Connected (Nov-2007)

 Quest POP Kit without RMS (Nov-2007)

Quest Interactive Solutions®

Bookstore Manager's® innovative Quest Interactive Solutions® places the
product your customers will need directly at their fingertips, even if the product's not on
the shelf!

Captivate your customers with samples of virtually every product in your store
including books, music, Bibles, kids, and more. Quest now offers tiered versions -
SILVER, GOLD, PLATINUM - to better meet the needs of stores of all sizes.

All three versions are powered by the Christian Books & More® database. Industry
leaders tell us it's the most accurate and comprehensive Christian database
available and widely considered to be the industry standard.

QUEST is a full-time marketing rep, customer service specialist, and departmental sales expert rolled into one.

  • Features the Christian Books & More® Database:
    Updated twice per month by CD and nightly via Internet downloads!
  • Christian Music Titles: Over 175,000 listening samples
    from more than 50,000 titles
  • Song Finder: Over 200,000 song titles to reference
  • Accompaniment Tracks: Features over 22,500 listening samples
    from almost 5,000 titles
  • Books & Bibles: Highlights information from more than 125,000 Christian books and 6,000 Bibles
  • Audio Books: Over 1,000 audio book and Bible listening samples
  • Home School: Previews more than 10,000 curriculum and home school items
  • Gallery: Contains more than 500 images of a growing library of framed art
  • Software: Video clips and over 1,500 software items

Whether you need an in-store kiosk that samples music only, or one that invites your
customers to see and hear all of your product lines, we have a solution that offers
just the features you need!

Quest now offers accompaniment track and audio book sampling, plus the 'Gallery',
which allows you to increase special orders for framed art that you don't have room
for in your store!

It's no secret why Christian Retailing called


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