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We invite you to join over 1250 Christian Retailers that trust Bookstore Manager.

Top 5 reasons to partner with us.

  1. We Understand Your Needs As A Christian Retailer
  2. Superior Customer Resources And Service
  3. Easy And Seamless Integration With Our Entire Family Of Products
  4. Cost-Effective Scalable Solutions No Matter The Size Of Your Store
  5. One Stop Shop For All Your Christian Retail Technology Needs

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We only have one person working at a time. The Bookstore Manager software is like having another employee. Without it I would need to hire someone else.

Carol, Monmouth, IL

"With the Quickcount we were able to do our annual inventory in our 8000 square foot store in one day. We have 5 POS’s and predominantly use the Quickcount for books, Bibles and music, that way we didn’t have to take everything off the shelves and log everything back in. I came in at 5:00 P.M. on a Sunday and zeroed everything out, printed my SLT and around 7:30. The rest of management came in with coffee and bagels and we were done by 10:00 P.M. - all with one Quickcount PDA."

Chuck Elliott, Coral Springs, FL

We just started using BSMGR. It is great. I have been able to figure out just about everything with the manual.

Curtis, Detroit

I have been amazed at the way my Retail Management Solutions software has handled our whole process. I spent almost 20 years working for a major retailer and the system there did not work this smoothly

Dave Stevanus, Ft. Meyers, FL

You are great with all the new things... you are starting to make our life easier.

Deborah Craig; Plymouth, MI

The first day we finished the setup [of the Quest isMOD], we had $41 in burns, second $81, third $141. In these tough economic times, this can be a real boost to our sales. In adding the "Queue Burn to POS" button, we are able to quickly burn music for customers from any POS or workstation. It has been amazing working with the Bookstore Manager support staff! I have been so impressed at the quick response to our needs. Thank you.

Deborah King, Rome, GA

We now have our isMod all connected and working. We love it! Thanks for all your hard work to make this all happen.

Donna Baker, Dightman's Bible Book Center

Just wanted to let you know that our [Christian Books & More Gift] database is working! Sure saves a lot of time! Hope all is well in Texas!

Dottie, Perimeter Church

"In all the years I've been doing this your service support is top of the line - the best. I don't know why more companies don't do what your company does because it saves time and money. Robby was awesome. We've also talked to a couple of other people (Rick, Mike & Glenn) and the level of support has been the same."

Gary Lebeck, Grace Church

I wanted to tell you that we love Bookstore Manager. It saves us time and effort.

Glenn De Jong , Fallbrook, CA

I absolutely love Bookstore Manager, it's just a real blessing to me. It's incredible, it really is!

Jane Cook, Farmington, MO

I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have Bookstore Manager Software.

Janet D. - Forest Hill Bookstore, N.C.

Your credit card program runs as smooth as silk

Mark, Word of Life Christian Superstore

I have had my store for almost 6 years and there is not a single day that goes by that I don't thank God for having BSMGR available for me. As things in the market place have gotten tougher, it has increased my awareness of not knowing what I would do without BSMGR. The tools to manage inventory and customers are more essential now than ever. I had a different business before I opened the bookstore and all we had was dos based system, so when I opened the store I was thrilled with all the things we could do and how easy it was. Tech support has always been fast and patient with us who are technically challenged. I am so grateful to God for all you do. Please pray for our store as times are really, really tough.

Mike Curry, Joplin, MO

Thank you for developing the Retail Management Solutions inventory control software for Christian Bookstores. I don't take it for granted and am grateful for God giving your team the vision and abilities to help Christian Stores

Mike Curry, Joplin, MS

You are doing a great job and are a blessing to the Christian Community

Roch; Metairie, LA

You sold us a gem. I really thank God for you folks. You don't know how much.

Sam C. Showers of Blessing Christian Bookstore

"I've always loved Bookstore Manager. The Windows version is phenomenal and tech support is wonderful."

Sherry Care, Gospel Christian Bookstore

We don't know what we would do without Bookstore Manager. You have definitely made our life easier.

Steve Donais, Seattle, WA

Thanks for the opportunity to respond to your survey regarding gifts and the database. We are probably the only one of your clients that is not a Christian Bookstore so my input will not be of any help to you. I can only tell you that as I get to know this system better, it is amazing the things even I can get it to do!

Sue, Smokey Mountain Trains

“We switched to Bookstore Manager in 1999. I wish we’d have done it in 1993! Immediately, my time spent ordering from suppliers went from about 16 to 20 hours each week to 3 or 4. With just a few keyboard strokes, I can see what I’m out of from any supplier and instantly create a purchase order. And everything is seamless, from the points-of-sale and special orders to inventory ordering and receiving. Plus, their grasp of technology allowed me to open a second store. Both my stores are fully integrated over high-speed internet. So I can immediately see what’s going on in each store. We can also do four-second credit card processing and stock checks, which is very customer friendly. And lately we’re doing EDI ordering with a few of the major suppliers, so we get instant confirmations back of exactly what’s going to be arriving. We’re moving forward in our industry with the help of Bookstore Manager!”

Tim Brox, Lincoln, NE

The Quest is running like a top, people really like it. With your credit card services my first year projected savings is about $500. WOW, I think it’s time to start building a website to take advantage of your Triple Play promotion.

Tony H. Vine & Branches, AK

I like the Eye On Inventory emails because of the naitonal top sellers. It helps me to know I am carrying the products that are selling in other parts of the United States. It helps me to make sure I'm not missing good titles. I've been with you guys 14 years. I can depend on you to keep the latest up to date technology tied to my POS and business.

Tony Hoover, Vine and Branches



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